Amazing Transformations

Creating the WOW on your property is one way to maximize it’s visibility to potential buyers and or renters. Below I will attempt to share my transformations and the WOW at the same time! I specialize in taking small spaces and creating an OPEN WOW! My concepts here involve never thinking ordinary. Only think extraordinary!!

Stone and Rock are the 2 building materials I think add value in todays market. These 2 mediums when combined together produce a warm solid and in many cases a permanent feel. A true touch of class that other mediums just don’t exhibit! Rock and Stone can be used inside and outside so design and comfort is being inside but outside or being outside but inside!! Hard to describe but I think you get what I’m trying to say. So these photos capture what I have been able to do with borrowed money. Now I want to know how you will use it and profit from it!! Below I will share photos of the space before I started!

Although these Before Photos are reversed from a different apartment, all of my apartments looked like these before I started the transformation. All of the wall gas heaters have been replaced with Mini Split HVAC units. The condenser is outside and placed on the backside of the building.

The Kitchen Transformation is the most impressive. The non-bearing wall dividing the kitchen and living room was removed leaving a pony wall. The pony wall was then transformed to a kitchen bar top of Granite. Cabinets are all custom made. Gas Water heater was removed and replaced with an Electric Tankless Water Heater. Works beautiful!! Added water supply line for refrigerator. Added Dishwasher. Also added curved glass stove hood that matches added architectural arch dividing the kitchen and living room.

Finally the Bathroom Transformation. I personally designed the Bathroom using my favorite mediums, Rock and Stone. Here I used Travertine and Rock. What would you prefer? Taking a shower in a Fiberglass shower that everyone in the apartment building can hear when it’s running? Or taking a shower in a custom designed Travertine and Rock Shower that’s open and well lit? Rock and stone emit elegance and quality and embraces permanence and stability. Like showering underneath a natural waterfall!! The experience is natural, soothing and rejuvenating! You are encouraged to take these ideas and use them as your own. What will you do with your home and rehab money? I encourage you to design some WOW’S in your remodel.

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